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Company Summary

(주)디지털앤아날로그에 대해 소개해드립니다.

Music is the most important messenger of human emotion as well as a meaning of its expression since human beings appeared on this earth.

Music created by amazing inspiration of many gifted composers makes people moved and our normal lives enriched.

The absolute sound and real music performed in real space like concert halls are the most important experience that makes people get to the musical essence. Besides, audio products re-producing music are a way of modern civilization making our lives better.

Since 1999, the year of establishment, Digital & Analog Co., Ltd. (as known as D&A) has been providing class-D I.C.s to various audio OEM companies.  And D&A started to make its own high-end audio products since 2008 and as a result, we succeeded to build audio products with excellent measured performance which any other amplifiers were not able to reach so far. Calyx is the by-product of such an effort based on D&A’s many experiences like designing, manufacturing and selling of class-D ICs and supporting its customers to make their audio products using D&A’s I.C.s. Calyx has been tested subjectively as well as objectively under a lot of test circumstances.

A great Chinese poet ‘Bai Ju Yi’ of the Tang Dynasty expressed sound as followings in on of his book
“A poem has passion as its root, words as its buds, sound as its flower and meanings as its fruits”

So we named our products as Calyx, in the meaning of corolla of music described as flower by the renowned poet. Calyx will enrich your life as a strong support of musical flower.  This coincides exactly with our slogan: “Technology making the world affluent.”

Calyx is high-end products, which you can be proud of possessing it. Digital & Analog Co., Ltd. has developed class-D amplification technology with many patents on the technology. From now on, we provide high-end audio products to music lovers like you. Thanks and enjoy the music.

Seungmok Yi CEO/President